Buffini Peak Producer Training:

We hold Buffini training twice a year!

What is Peak Producer? 

Peak Producers is a 12 week training program facilitated by Don Smith and featuring industry expert Brian Buffini & top producer Joe Niego. You'll enjoy Brian's motivational Irish wit as he presents practical how-tos, effective dialogues, real-world tips and more.

Buffini Peak Producer

Buffini TrainingBuffini Peak Producer

Plus, this program comes with a complete student kit and a robust Online Resource Center - all the marketing materials and resources you'll need to become a Peak Producer.  

You will learn to:

  • Generate leads & close more transactions 

  • Overcome peaks & valleys in your income 

  • Identify the 7 types of negotiators & how to win 

  • Get every buyer off the fence 

  • Navigate price reductions like a pro 

  • Conquer the chaos of this business 

  • Be a professional, profitable business owner in any market